Terms and conditions
Honestly.site, it is a social networking site that relies on messages anonymously; in this way the user can know the feelings of his friends and knows openly, and keeps in touch with others to know his faults to fix it and its advantages, and learn new things about himself, using the anonymity feature we think is the best way to ask questions and get to know the truth People. Our goal is to support and enable users to create a safe integrated environment in (Honestly.site), and for this reason we have set the following conditions that you must adhere to to help you better understand the site as well as understand the obligations required of you:



Respect is the foundation upon which human societies are based. On our site, we hope that users will have a wonderful experience that does not disappoint. If the site is based on frankness, respect is a duty to ask the question and interact with it. (We do not conceal any phrases that may be considered immoral, except If notified by the user, unless he deletes it from him through the delete button that appears on every message) Posting threatening, bullying or harassing questions or answers is never acceptable on our site.


Privacy policy:

You understand that through your use of the site, you agree to the collection and use of your data and information, as set out on the Privacy Policy page. You will need to read it before using or accessing the services.


Unregistered users:

Unregistered users can access and use parts of the website's services and do not have all the privileges of membership. However, unregistered users are still subject to the Privacy Policy Agreement and Site Terms and Conditions.


Denial of access:

The site expressly has the right to prevent any user from accessing the site or using its services in general.


the legal age :

It is not permitted to use the site expressly for those under the age of 16, we set this condition to protect you.


Your real person:

There is no need to pretend that you are someone else on Honestly.site, because the nature of the site forces you to show your identity to benefit from a unique experience. In fact, we do not allow the creation of fake accounts, and a dummy account, once discovered, may be blocked. Impersonation is not allowed for an account name or subdomain.


Inactive accounts:

The site expressly has the right to remove inactive accounts during the period deemed sufficient by the site’s administrators.


Your safety :

Although we have developed various safety measures, such as the Delete Message feature, you can also take specific steps to be responsible for your experience. The most important one is not to publish your page on anonymous sites, and to direct it to your personal pages only on social media.


Accounts subject to deletion:

In addition to fictitious accounts, individuals organizing terrorist and violent extremist groups who intend to encourage or commit any violent terrorist or criminal activity are prohibited from being on our site.


Secure the site:

It is forbidden for you to perform any kind of business on the site. It is prohibited for anyone to collect members ’information. Whatever means are used in this process. It is prohibited to download any kind of viruses and malicious codes on the site. Our site is keen on preventing any kind of access to member accounts including That is, obtaining login information or accessing another person’s account. The use of the "express" sign is prohibited for any type of business that is related to drugs or alcohol and substances in violation of the law. Violation of one or several items of the aforementioned clauses may lead to the final termination of the account without reference to its owner, or even judicial follow-up if necessary.


Modifications to the terms and conditions:

We have the right to amend the terms and conditions if necessary and when necessary.


Liability limits

All content transmitted on the site is the responsibility of its owners, and the site is not responsible for its content or any damage that may result from this content or the use of any of the site services.


The law that governs

You agree that the services provided by the site expressly and that will be subject to all regulations in force in the State of Palestine. Any dispute shall be before the courts of the State of Palestine.


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You can contact us using the "Contact Us" page.